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Why I do what I do…

Why I do what I do?  Let’s face it...  Modern man is over stimulated, over worked, stressed and just confused with what they can and cannot control.  Technology and societal norms have shifted our minds to focus on the external to a debilitating degree, and has created a loss or lack toward our internal selves.  My focus as a massage therapist is to help you regain control of that internal self, through awareness of your body.  Every session is an experience to enhance the connection between your mind and body.  Massage is best when we are open and feel safe.  My goal is to bring awareness to the present moment through breath work and physical touch so the healing can begin!  It excites me to know this new adventure that awaits that can take you on a journey towards self discovery!  It’s empowering to share an intimate moment and connect with others knowing we are all on a similar journey.  Let’s keep that hustle and flow going. Let my hands be used as part of your guidance toward your well being. 

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