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What type of services are offered:


I always find clients struggling to communicate what they want out of lack of knowledge or personal experience.   Most of them just know something is wrong and they need me to fix it!  Well the first step is awareness!  So thank yourself and your mind for allowing the body to have some personal time to feel better!  Below is what I have developed as common treatment goals for moving energy and promoting well being. 


       Therapeutic session- 60-120 minutes in length 

             Goal: Increase mobility and flexibility that empowers your energy to get moving!  We raise awareness and connect body and mind more intimately.  This service is my personal favorite and is ideal to your overall well being.

            Massage modalities used: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deep Breathing, Trigger Point, some light cupping movements

          Best for: athletes, active lifestyles, high stress jobs, sedentary lifestyles, people curious to encourage overall well being


      Reflexology- 15-30 minutes in length

             Goal: Increase mobility and flexibility in hands and feet that are overused and not taken care of or just want some extra attention.  A lot of meridians meet in our hands and feet.  By moving the energy we open ourself to receiving more.

             Massage techniques used: Creeping, Rotating, Spinal friction and achieving the right pressure.  Moving cupping involved to stimulate blood flow and remove toxins.  

             Best for: any chronic pain in hands or feet.   Light pressure techniques are provided.  The goal is to open the areas of injury to healing with applied pressure.


       Specialzied Treatments- 60 minutes in length 

        Goal:  If you want a focus on pain and rehabilitation I can work with your physical therapist or chiropractor to help support their roles and treatment for your optimal care.  Or you may just want to hit unwind and relax.  If you want to fall asleep I can also focus on that! 

               Massage techniques used: Varies on clients personal needs. Can incorporate hydrotherapy, stretching, range of motion.  Excited to be learning scraping and applying this new discovery of tools in my practice as well. 

First Session Goals...

As a massage therapist the goals for the first session with a client can vary depending on the individuals needs, preferences, and any health conditions they may have.  However some common goals for a first massage session include:

      1.   Assessment: the therapist will perform an initial assessment to understand the clients needs, any pain points, and to identify any areas of tension or discomfort


     2.   Establishing trust and communication:  The therapist will aim to establish a rapport with the client and create an environment which is conducive to relaxation and healing.  This may involve discussing the clients preferences and comfort level, and encouraging open communication throughout the session


     3.   Developing a treatment plan: Based on the assessment, the therapist will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the clients specific needs and goals.  This may involve selecting massage techniques, adjusting pressure and intensity levels, and identifying any areas that require particular attention.


      4.    Providing education and guidance:  The therapist may offer guidance on self-care techniques or lifestyle adjustments that can help support the clients wellness goals.


Overall the primary goal of the first session is to establish a foundation for ongoing treatment and create a positive, supportive environment that promotes relaxation, healing, and overall well-being!

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